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No other place like Auckland can offer a wide selection of places to dine with your choice of picturesque background including a stylish downtown, suburb, harbor and beachside. Different cuisines await you from French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Steak House, Indian, Vietnamese and of course Filipino.

With several Filipino cuisines to choose from, a list of things to consider would be very helpful. As you go through this guide, the goal is to help you find the best Filipino restaurant that not only satisfy your palate but one you can proudly recommend to friends and loved ones. Find those that:


Serve Quality Food

Look for the one that consistently serve quality food. Nothing satisfies a hungry stomach than a real good meal. Does the food quality show how important it is for the restaurant to have high standards? Is it made with high quality ingredients? Does it have good serving quality? What will keep you coming back for more is the great food served each time.


Deliver Good Service

 What is great food with poor service?  Find the restaurant that not only serves quality food but deliver excellent service as well. Are the people who serve your meal courteous, friendly and professional? Do they know the items of the menu by heart and are able to confidently explain them to you? Are you properly informed regarding the wait time for the food? Is the service fast and efficient?  More importantly, do they embody what the restaurant is supposed to make you feel? A family restaurant would have servers that make you feel comfortable and relaxed in contrast to a five star restaurant where servers make you feel pampered and extra special.


Offer Affordable Price

Great food and excellent service need not cost a fortune. The best Filipino restaurant candidate must have reasonable prices not just for their food. You should consider the overall experience you have with their establishment like the ambience and the level of service.

The balance of each – quality food, excellent service and balanced pricing will definitely lead you to finding the best Filipino restaurant in Auckland.



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