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A beachfront dinner – what can be more memorable than that? Takapuna is a memorable place on its own. With picture perfect views and a number of restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from, it is very possible to make your dinner even more memorable.

According to Paul Rozin, a professor of psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, from among the people he asked about what makes their meal most memorable, most of them remembered the main course. 40% considers the social setting as a valuable contributor to make their meal memorable. Dessert is mentioned by 23% while the ambience is important for the 15% of the people asked.

Considering that, here are some guidelines to bring your Takapuna dinner a notch higher on the most memorable scale:

Order the best food served in the place

Make sure you get to taste the best seller or best food served in the dining place of your choice. The main course is said to be the most remembered part of the dining experience compared to dessert or ambience or social setting. So go ahead and enjoy the best food offered!

Choose a place with great ambience

While some say ambience comes only second to the food served in any dining place, we cannot set aside the importance of having a real good ambience while enjoying the best food with loved ones, friends or very important people.

Try Something New

What’s a great Takapuna Dinner without being a little adventurous? Try a whole new different cuisine or the newest dish offered. Or if you are the more adventurous type, why not order the exotic food from the menu?

Dine with the best people in your life

An ordinary meal instantly becomes memorable when shared with the special people of your life. Enjoy Takapuna – the beach, the post card perfect sceneries, the great food and make special memories with your friends and loved ones!

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