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Filipino food has always been about a fusion of different flavors that surprisingly turn out to be the most delicious dishes. While the presentation of our dishes may not be as good looking compared to other dishes, we definitely make up for it with the flavor of our food.

You are in for a culinary adventure as you get to taste traditional Filipino food from the famous “Adobo” (chicken stew) to the exotic food like “Balut” and everything else in between. Let me introduce some must eat Filipino dishes that will definitely keep you coming back for more.


Sour and savory best describes our Sinigang. Choose the protein you want to include in this tamarind-based dish. Be it chicken, pork, beef, fish or shrimp, it simply is the perfect comfort dish for most Filipinos.  Nanam’s version of Sinigang uses a free range chicken, tamarind spice rub, water cress and tomato salsa.


Fish, pork beef or chicken marinated and grilled over coals and dipped in a special sauce made of vinegar, soy sauce, chili, calamansi and sugar, it is best served with steaming hot rice. We prefer serving you this dish using the yellow fin tuna loin with citrus and fennel salad with fermented chili marinade.


Inasal is a special marinade made from lemongrass, lime, vinegar, pepper and ginger. Using the annatto oil, it gives your grilled meat that golden-brown color and pouring the same to your rice makes it even more appetizing. Chicken is commonly used for this dish, however, we made use of wagyu bavette, annatto and lemongrass jus served with pumpkin and chili salad.

Halo Halo

To cool off the hot weather in the Philippines, “halo halo” which means mixed together, is served as a dessert. Originally, ingredients like garbanzos, beans, kaong, macapuno and sugar are placed in a tall glass then filled up with shaved ice topped with leche flan, ube and ice cream plus the evaporated milk. Giving it a bit of a twist, we serve the halo halo using coconut granita, ube mousse, mixed berries sorbet, pandan panacotta, caramel custard, ube meringue and seasonal fresh fruit.


One of the best snacks is the turon or the Filipino version of a sweet spring roll. The fried banana, usually with langka, is sealed in a lumpia wrapper and served as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. Nanam’s turon is served with banana parfait, jackfruit gel, coconut ice cream and beetroot crème fraiche.

Next time you’re craving Filipino food, make sure you get a taste of the must try list here in Nanam.

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